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DIN 16963

This German standard DIN 16963 (unfortunately) still appears in some industry documents, but has long been withdrawn and is therefore no longer valid. It regulated in well over 10 individual parts “Pipe joints and pipe components for pressure pipelines made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) type 1 and 2”.

The first German standardisation for PE-HD pipes, DIN 8074/8075, dates from 1959. Standardisation around the young pipe material polyethylene (at that time still written polyethylene) continued to develop.

DIN 16963 was published in August 1980. In Part 1 of the standard, which standardised all dimensions of pipe elbows manufactured in segmental construction for butt welding, Part 4, which was to deal with “stub ends, flanges, gaskets for butt welding”, is listed with the note “currently still a draft”. In addition to this part, there were other individual parts for fittings of different manufacturing methods and designs that were still in draft form.

In the meantime, DIN 16963 with all its parts comprehensively regulated the designs and dimensions of PE pipe systems. In the course of the changeover to European standards, the philosophy of standardisation was also adapted. The modern PE pipe standards now only regulate what is necessary for quality assurance and system compatibility. The definition of essential dimensions and the choice of design, especially of fittings and valves, are left to the manufacturer.

Today, all parts of DIN 16963 have been withdrawn and the European standards EN 12201 and EN 1555 regulate in only one part all dimensions of fittings made of PE that are used in plastic piping systems for water supply and for drainage and sewage pressure pipes (DIN EN 12201-3) and gas supply (DIN EN 1555-3).

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